The Fnaf Movie Review Thingamajig


The fnaf movie is a self contained retelling of sorts of the first game, following Mike dealing with needing to work at freddy fazbender's after beating up a random guy. I found myself liking the fnaf movie a lot. I enjoyed how the movie had decided to tell it's own story instead of trying to tie in with the games and be a new part of the fucked up thing called fnaf lore. And the story that the fnaf movie told is actually pretty good imo. I thought that Mike dealing with his trauma of his brother getting abducted was interesting. The small eastereggs to the games didn't feel shoehorned in. I like that the animatronics possessed by dead childer got a chance to act like kiddins. I love how the Jim Henson Company made the animatronics, they all looked pretty cool! I kinda wished that Afton had more screentime and/or a pressence within the movie, him sorta just appearing and going like "hey there motherfuckers, im the bad guy and the animatroics actin all fucked up and evil is my fault lol" and then dying not even 15 minutes after showing up is all he really gets in the movie. Vanessa acts like a bit of an exposition machine, she should've had a bit more lines than "I'm the women with a gun. Here's info that phoneface woulda given you". The lack of Afton pressence and Vanessa only really existing to say exposition are pretty much the only isssues I have with the fnaf movie. Overall, pretty good movie! 9/10!