My Dolls!!

Images of dolls I own! I primarily collect monster high g3~

WARNING!!!!!! this page sometimes requires refreshing a LOT in order for the images to load, sorry about that!

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An image of my main dollshelf, this is where a lot of my dolls are kept!

This is where I keep my lalaloopsy minis! My first attempt at sewing is stored here to!

One of my few barbies and my count fabulous plush, this plush was the first piece of monster high merch I ever got!

A holiday barbie and barbie as sleeping beauty!

Draculaura and Toralei, Draculaura was the first g3 mh doll I got!

Cleo and Frankie~

All of my creepover party dolls, Twyla is my favorite from this line!

Ss2 Frankie! Currently one of my favorite dolls~

Howliday Draculaura² and a disney descendents doll I stitched clothes for and customized a bit!

Kishiko and Lagoona! Mermaze dolls are really neat looking but they're also really fucking terrible to open lol

Suzette, Peanut, and Chelsea! I got this Chelsea for 25 cents at a yard sale, im still amazed at that luck lmao; additionally I stitched together the outfit that Chelsea's wearing!

Tianna and Yasmin! My first bratz dolls, I think they look really good (they were so fucking terrible to unbox though lmao)! I'm defo going to get more bratz in the future~

Ghoulia~! I didn't like the outfit she came in much so I made her a better one!

Toralei! (mermaid edition~)

the only zombaes forever doll that i currently own. I might get another in the future because i think they're cute but they're kinda expensive

all the dolls i currently need to start/finish working on, i'm currently adding new hair onto one of my barbies

a Frozen Charlotte doll

My porcelain dolls, equestria girls minis, and one inner monster head.

Sweetie candy ribbon, another one of my favourite dolls! (sorry for the terrible lighting lmao)

My other doll shelf!

Coraline, Foxy, Barbie, Abby, and Uboa. All on this shelf since i don't actually have anywhere else to put them lmao.

CLOWNS!!!!!! all were found at random yard sales and thrift shops.

Forest, Dot, a mini Barbie, Lyra, and two unidentified mini dolls

Trinket Sparkles² and Squirt lil' top

Gone with the wind Barbie, loose in box! I found her at a thrift shop for about 20 bucks, wonderous luck.