Welcome to the blog~!

This blog is where i'll post about my life, stuff im working on for the site, stuff i did irl, and more! (this is literally just my diary lmao)

November 16th, 2023

just one day until i get a week off from school yayyyy!! school sucks so much i cant wait for break. im guessing that tomorrow jack shit is going to happen at school, there is apparently going to be a stupid assembly that'll take up period 6 and 7, i hope i can cheese my way out of going to the assembly because fuck being inside a gymnassium packed with the entire highschool and middleschool. On saturday im going to help my mom out with her craft fair that's happening in the morning, im going to have to wake up at 5am lmao. Annnnnnnnnyyywayyzzzz time for the stuff about the site.....!!!! currently working on the next review, and i'm trying to make it be a proper little review instead of word vomit! i want to properly coagulate my thoughts into statements so its going to take a little bit~!then ill work on the shrine lol. also i have decided that i want to make better buttons for the index, i replaced the old ones with placeholder blinkies for the time being. im probably going to have those changed one im done with everything else im currently doing. That's all for now, cya l8r.

November 6th, 2023

its been a little bit since i've updated the site, i've been a little busy doing STUFF! THAT STUFF ISSSssss ((( this is the part where you look at the image))))) yeah. NOW FOR STUFF ABOUT THE SITE!!!! I kinda have a plan for what'll be next for my-s173, 1st thing that im going to add will be a page for my art (just links to my yumebooru and tumblr lmao because thats just the easy thing to do lmao), this'll be probably added today (by 11pm est), next will be adding more images to the dolls page, this'll be something im either going to do tommarrow (nov 7th) or over the week, next i think i'm going to add another review (its just going to be a rant about something i really like and why i think it's neat)! yay! finally after all that stuff is done i'm going to make myself complete the shrine (which will be done eventually!1!!!11!! i just keep on getting sidetracked when doing it lmao). That's all for now, cya l8r

October 31st, 2023

Today was halloween (yay!). I ended up dressing in a last minute sayori cosplay (of her outift with the pink shirt and the shorts, and i had a wig that looked up like her hair laying around lol). It was so cold outside, i had to put on pants and a sweater underneath it! I decided to be done with handing out candy a few minutes ago because of how cold it is, so now my mom is handing handing out treats. Right now I'm in some blankets and about to watch stuff on my laptop. That's all for now, cya l8r.

October 30th, 2023

Chromebooks are so shit, it's almost impressive. All that chromebooks exist to do is make it so you can use google, that's fucking stupid. It would be so fucking easy to just let the stupid chromebook do something other than just fucking google, LET THE DAMN THING RUN GAMES AT THE VERY LEAST. And then the shitty chromebook just decides to sometimes not fucking work?????? It has a single job, the easiest fucking job ever, and it sometimes just decides "hey, im going to be a black screen and not turn for no fucking reason right now, even though I HAVE FULL FUCKING BATTERY!!!!!" Chromebooks suck. That's all for now, cya l8r.

October 28th, 2023

yay saturday~! I got a tad bit bored and I decided to spend time doing some "which [instert thing here] are you?" quizses, (homestuck classpect shit lol, according to my results im a page of void~) I ended up remembering I made a "which [thingamajig] r u?" quiz, i logged into quotev for the first time since making that quiz today and I found it.... Completely unreleted to the quiz but I saw that there was a single thing in the library on this acount, the thing in question happened to be a human bill cypher x reader fanfic. I didn't remember ever reading shit on quotev so i was a tad bit baffled. Back to the quiz thing, wow. I remember when making this I was scared of the images from the creepypastas that I was putting on the results. I didnt even read the creepypastas for all of these, since then I've only read cupcakes. I decided to take the quiz, I ended up getting rainbow factory. THREE of the questions on this SEVEN question quiz are fate ones. WHY??? WHY DID I DO THAT??? Anyways here it is if you want to take it lol. That's all for now, cya l8r.

October 27th, 2023

School was bluh. I added the dolls page onto my-s173, i still need to take and upload some pics for it of my second shelf though~ The fnaf movie came out today, I just downloaded a torrent of it from pirate's bay, I'm going to watch it tonight! This weekend I'm going to try to work more on the kiyo shrine (i got kinda sidetracted and did other shit instad lol). That's all for now, cya l8r. Just kidding, this is Pyrope from 20 minutes after I wrote that, I ended up chickening out on the extraction of the fnaf movie file torrent thing, windows gave me a warning when i tried to extract the file so I guess I'm going to consume the fnaf movie legally lol. Now that's really all for now, cya l8r. JUST KIDDING AGAIN four minutes later this time, i was able to find a direct download of the movie! yay!!!! HERE IT IS IF YOU WANT TO WATCH IT. That's all for now FOR REAL THIS TIME, cya l8r.

October 25th, 2023

The first blog post! Neat. If you're reading this then either I'm currently working on the reworking of the structure of the site or its already reworked, all i really need to do as of writing this is to figure out what size i should resize the jpgs to. If the reworking is already instated then ignore everything i just said lol. After the update to the structure is done I'm going to work more on my first shrine, so expect that to be done soon (soon as in probably by sunday night it'll be done). Today school was meh, not much happened lol. But tonight I'm going to speedrun doing the history summative that i was given two weeks to do (i didnt fucking work on it at all and it is due by midnight tonight). That's all for now, cya l8r.